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    I’m so sick


    of people telling me I suck at something, or that I’m stupid. Honestly, who the hell is good at everything? And I don’t care if your joking, or if you think your funny, your not. At all. Its annoying. And I’m not stupid, its just mean to say and its not funny. Thanks for the confidence booster though.

    Fuck those people. Your super duper awesome at everything. I LOVE YOU MEGGGGGAN! <33333333

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    I have nobody.

    So I’ll just hangout with my only friend.

    who I haven’t seen since his suspension.

    Then I will come home.

    and weep.

    for I have no friends.

    JK, I won’t weep, because big girls don’t cry.

    don’t cry,

    don’t cry.

    lol, thankyou fergie.

    its all now broski. great night, still mad blazed haha

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    Wake n Bake :D

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    So far winter break has sucked fucking dick. awesome…

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    No regrets, Just love: One day,


    everyone that is so upset now, is going to be so happy. Like, I know I’m sad sometimes and everyone gets to the point they don’t know what to do, but can we please please just accept the fact that were in freaking HIGHSCHOOL. Jeeeesuss, people need to get it through their thickass head’s that…

    soooo true

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